Martin Spry covers Online Investor Communication in Listed@ASX

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In the recently published summer edition of Listed@ASX magazine, IRM’s CEO, Martin Spry contributes thoughts on what makes an effective online IR communication strategy.

 Key to success with online IR is understanding the investor journey – the stages investors progress through as they learn about, engage with and become shareholders in a listed company. The online communication strategy needs to relate to investors at each stage of their journey.

Investors make decisions to progress to the next buying phase

The corporate website is king, and almost everything else leads to it, but investors will choose many other online touch-points as they make their discoveries and reach an investment decision.

Its more than just a website. Far more.

IRM’s Listed@ASX article goes on to explore ten principles to consider to make your online IR program most effective.


A PDF copy of the article can be viewed or downloaded here.

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