Investor Centres

Keep your investors informed with an IRM Investor Centre

Your corporate website reaches many target audiences. How can it help investors as well?

Many of the companies we work with have a very distinct separation between their audiences. One example of this is a business with an online retail marketplace. Their website is primarily focused on talking to a customer audience – rather than an investor one.

Due to this distinction between audiences, IRM worked with these clients to develop a separate investor centre that could act as a stand-alone asset. These companies have educated their shareholders to seek out their investor websites for investor-focused information.

Click on the screenshots below to visit examples of IRM Investor Centres.



IRM Investor Centres are:

  • Built to fit in with your corporate look and feel – OR can be designed as a completely stand-alone site (depending on what suits your business).
  • Structured to include a raft of best practice investor data, such as investor fact sheets, all your announcements and reports, an Email Alerts facility, calendars, corporate governance information, and resources for media (corporate videos and audio).