Micro Sites

Specialist Target Audiences might need Special Treatment

Sometimes a specialist target audience may need their specific information presented in a clear concise way without the clutter of a corporate or investor website. IRM can provide a separate micro site, with the same corporate branding or a minor variation of it. These sites can actually be full websites with their own home page and navigation, or can be one or two simple pages of information.
IRM can support a micro site within the main instance of your website or as a separate instance with its own (different) set of people authorised to update content, a separate email alerts list and so on. They can include as many or as few of the features of the main site as required. There are many choices.

Potential Uses for Micro Sites

Micro sites might be for specific separate projects, for specific business units, for Joint Ventures with other companies, for a special set of community involvement pages, or perhaps a philanthropic activity by the company.
Typically the main website will promote the micro site with a brief introduction, and link to it. There can also be different URL’s pointing directly to it.

Here are some examples of IRM’s micro sites: