News Sources

Aggregating News from Different Sources

IRM Newsroom helps listed companies aggregate pieces of news from a number of different sources.  Once in IRM Newsroom, a common publishing and distribution system makes it really easy to get the news out.

Here we look at the different sources of news. To look at different distribution channels click here.

The ASX Announcement

The key piece of news for ASX listed companies is the ASX Announcement. When it’s released by ASX, it’s published on the ASX website, and to a wide range of professional investors through the ASX news distribution service.
There’s about 400 ASX announcements per day. That’s close to one a minute. A continuous ticker tape of announcements, they all go to everyone – or everyone who is looking at that time.
The challenge for ASX listed companies is to stand out in this crowd for the particular investors who are most interested in a company’s news. Those people need to find out about the ASX Announcement, immediately, and away from all the clutter.
Only the company itself can take the responsibility to achieve this objective.

IRM Newsroom is the tool of choice for over 100 ASX listed companies to get their ASX Announcement news to investors. Immediately.

Other Company News

Companies have other news. If you publish a blog that is relevant for investors, read about how to integrate the blog with IRM Newsroom here.

If you publish a Newsletter, this is a valuable additional news source for all investors, and should be distributed through IRM Newsroom as well as through other channels. You may find the Email Alerts capability of IRM Newsroom to be easier and faster than the current email distribution methods you use.

If there's an occasional ad-hoc piece of news, or perhaps something to go by email to just a section of the Email Alerts list, you can manually upload news pieces to IRM Newsroom using the News Update features.

Items from IR Service Providers

A number of investor relations service providers are used by listed companies to produce information intended to amplify the news. Companies produce podcasts, webcasts, videos, sponsored research,  translations of announcements and many more pieces in this way. One advantage sought is the amplification of that news through the distribution channels of the service provider.

With IRM Newsroom you can bring in those pieces of news as input feeds just as soon as they are published, and use the control and simplicity of IRM Newsroom to distribute it.

If it's done immediately, reliably and simply then you get additional value for your investment with the service provider.

Third Party News

Maybe you have a feed of relevant media articles, either electronic or manual. Some common news services provide electronic methods for their distribution, and these items can then be automatically brought in to IRM Newsroom as a news source.

If it's only occasionally that you wish to publish an extra news item, you can upload individual items manually.

Typically for these, it's common to add a short "brief" for the news item to be distributed with it, and for the news item to be simply a link to the online news piece.

Capture it all in IRM Newsroom

No matter what the news, if it's good and relevant for your investors, and particularly if it's easy to capture automatically, capture it all in IRM Newsroom.

To look at how to distribute it, click here.