Non English Sites

Not all Investors have English as a First Language

We always knew that, of course, but have we related that to the impact it might have on the Investor Journey of those that really prefer to communicate in a different language?
With more and more international investors, and with websites reaching worldwide, this issue continues to grow.
For a discussion of this issue on the blog IRMatters, have a look at this post.

Translating ASX Announcements

Some clients have particular ASX Announcements translated into different languages, and distributed to international news media in those languages – IRM recommends the services of ABN Newswire for this service. Contact IRM to discuss how to present translated announcements on the website and publish them using IRM Newsroom.

Non-English Languages on Investor Websites

IRM can provide a number of different solutions, at different price points, to assist with this issue. Some clients have single pages in alternative languages, with a flag link on the page header, as a way of giving some information in a different language. Perhaps an Investor Fact Sheet in Mandarin?
Other clients have full blown copies of their site in a different language.
Of course, Google translate provides a mechanical translation process for no cost. Be careful relying on this (or being seen to endorse it) if there is technical language and terms being translated. Problems with complex concepts translated this way may open up a compliance / disclosure problem for ASX listed companies.
Here are some IRM clients who have different features on their website for non-English language