Investor Websites

IRM does compelling investor web sites of all types, with great design and clever automation specifically targeted at investors.
The corporate website is the most commonly used touchpoint for investors. It presents the "front door" of the company to investors. It promotes all the key messages - both the facts and the impressions. It's also the authority, educator and historical repository.

Investors - facts and impressions

Investors are not always rational in assessing their investment decisions. In particular, when they are early in their journey and haven't decided to look for specific facts, they will be guided emotionally about how they feel about a company, by looking at the design, imagery, style and key messages on the website.
Other investors will just want facts, facts and facts. Just show me the numbers. The investor website will need to deliver all of those in an easily accessible format.

Target Audiences

If the company is not doing business on the internet, or if the customer messages are essentially the same as the investor messages, then the investor website often doubles as the corporate website. If customer messages need to be different, differently focused, or differently presented, then companies often have a complete business website that is separate to the investor website, but still visually integrated and linked together.

There's other target audiences to consider as well. Potential staff, partners, competitors, regulators. All may have a similar mindset to investors, but have some specific different needs. Typically the investor or corporate website needs to address these needs.

IRM's Investor Relations Websites

IRM can help with both the business and corporate website needs. If you have a significant investor need and a modest customer need, it makes no sense to have two suppliers, two different designs and two different technologies. IRM can provide both.

On the other hand, some IRM clients have a huge retail presence on the web, with sophisticated retail web technology and a team of support staff to match. For these companies the people in charge of the messages on the investor website will not want to interfere with the online business team every time there's an investor communication need, so it makes sense for the investor relations people to have their own content management system focused on investor needs.  

Every IRM website is different, every one specifically designed for that company's needs.

IRM Web Technology

IRM's development processes enable us to deliver a high quality website for your online investor relations presence - quickly and affordably. Learn more about our development processes here.

IRM Newsroom can also be integrated on your website for your news aggregation and distribution. Read more about IRM Newsroom here.

Are you happy with the design and content of your existing website, but frustrated with the technology behind it and timeliness of updates? We can help you migrate your current site to a better content management system. 

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IRM Support Services

A great online investor presence is an ongoing journey, not a once off project. IRM's hosting and support services fit with your ongoing needs at the level that suits you. 

IRM's web hosting technology delivers fast, reliable website services to your investors wherever they are in the world. We provide multiple levels of backup and protection. Read more about our technology here

IRM's tech team is also ready to help when you need it. Check out our Support Plans here.

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