Investor Tools

Online tools that deliver time back to our clients and enrich their engagement with investors

IRM is proud of our quality set of online investor tools. We have been developing them alongside corporate Australia since 2002.
The key basic tools are our investor-focused websites and our IRM Newsroom service for news sourcing and distribution.

There's much more to presenting a powerful investor story online. IRM has a number of additional tools that can be incorporated into any website for a better investor experience.
  • Present a strong investor story on the Investor Welcome page with a visual "Why Invest"
  • Make it easy for online investors to go offline, with an engaging one page printable fact sheet
  • Investors want to see the share prices and charts on the website
  • You might wish to engage with investors with a visually appealing interactive map of your projects or services
  • Present your online reports in an engaging online format instead of the boring PDF
  • Showcase your products and services, properties, office locations, or clients using the IRM Showcase feature
  • Tap potential employees with a Careers section
  • Make sure you are measuring visits to the website with a powerful analytics package
  • Monitor and manage your SEO results so you can continually attract new potential investors.
Choosing a selection of IRM tools provides the data and interactivity that brings corporate milestones to life. These specialist solutions are our daily bread. We deliver them with a minimum of load on our busy clients’ time too.

Share Prices and Charts

Investors want to know the latest share price when they are on your site. 

IRM provides a range of different ways of presenting share prices and charts, from a simple homepage-only display to a full set of multiple exchange charts with calculators. 


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Online Reports

You go to a great deal of trouble to prepare all kinds of reports. Annual Reports, sustainability, quarterly - whatever the style, don't leave it as just a PDF when viewed online.

Read about IRM's Online Reporting options.


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Interactive Maps and Timelines

Pictures tell a thousand words. Display your projects or products using an engaging interactive map developed specifically for your investors.

Replace the boring "Our history" words with an interactive timeline that invites investors to better understand your journey so far.

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