Share Price Charts and Calculators

Giving investors in depth price data at their fingertips

IRM provides a selection of share price data and charts to include in key places on your website.

Investors want to see the company’s share price, and enjoy a chart showing its recent performance. The website visit statistics that IRM sees from hundreds of companies show that this is a frequently visited page – one of the top 5. 

IRM’s share prices and charts are customisable and seamlessly integrated into your website, whether an IRM website or not.

If you send investors off to the ASX site at this stage, you’ve probably lost them at a key point in their thinking.
Many companies want to “hide” from a poor share price and not show it. But a low share price might just represent a buying opportunity for some investors.  

Consider the features and pricing for our interactive share prices and charts on the table below:

  Home Page Only Home Page and Internal Page
  Buy Now Buy Now
Price per month $110 $220
Latest share price information
Additional share price info, including buy/sell depth, last sale, volume, peer information, indices and up to 20 years of historical information    
Highlight dates on which ASX Announcements were made  
Drag and select date/time range option over the main chart to enable increased usability and interactivity  
Options/comparisons section to add share price data from other tickers to compare, add or/remove the volume bars and add/remove ASX Announcements to the graph  
Downloadable graph information to CSV or Excel  
Share Price Calculator  
Other exchanges and indices such as gold/oil prices are also available  

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Here are some screenshots from IRM clients' share prices and charts:

IGO share priceIGO's share price chart depicts the company's performance over different time periods. The trend charts update each morning.


Neuren share priceNeuren's share price info is prominently displayed on its homepage where a link leads investors to more details.


Redbubble share priceRedbubble's share prices and charts are given full detail in an internal page where you can hover over a graph to view the company's daily share price, volume and news.