Investor Websites

A Separate Investor Website

Listed companies with a significant online presence for their business will often set up a separate investor website with the same brand.

Visitors usually access the investor website from the main corporate site through an “investors” or similar navigation option. Alternatively, they can go directly to a URL such as, which can also be the page that will respond to searches with the company name and the word investor.

The target audience for the investor site is investors and those with similar needs, such as partners or potential partners, IR service providers, regulators and advisers.

The investor website should have the same logo, design and style as the main corporate site so that visually the two are clearly the same company.

The home page of the investor website needs to carry the same features of a normal investor welcome page, and in addition provide navigation / links to the full corporate and product information not available from this site.

Examples of Investor Websites

Browse these examples of IRM investor websites:


Common Investor Website Sections

Investor websites need to provide only a simple overview of the company business in an 'About Us' section, to be complimentary to what is displayed on the main site. Sometimes the main site might not have much corporate information, so this section might be almost as complete as on a corporate site. Make sure there is a page for directors and management on the investor site, this is a page investors like to visit.

The products and services section might not be on an investor website – or it may have a summary with links in the 'About Us' section.

The main body of the investor website will be the investor section(s). Often the news and reports are separated from the other investor information, to give more balance to the site.

A great advantage of a separate investor website is that the investor contact information can be simple and directed to specific IR contacts. The site should offer an email alerts facility to keep people informed of changes, contact information forms and social media links to encourage engagement.