Interactive Maps & Timelines

Using interactive elements to tell your company's story enhances engagement on your website. It leads to a better experience for your investors, stakeholders and other users.

Interactivity in your maps and timelines is a great way to visually represent a lot of data. Reducing the words involved in delivering important messages.

Interactive Maps

Interactive maps help your audience pinpoint your company’s locations, such as business offices or regional projects. Since the map is responsive, the project or office name would be highlighted when users hover their mouse over specified areas. Clicking on the selected spot would then provide further information on the location.

BWP Trust map
BWP Trust interactive map

American West mapAmerican West interactive map

Interactive Timelines

Interactive timelines bring life to key milestones and corporate activities that have occurred in your business or project over a period of time. Timelines usually have a limited number of words, combined with pictures and/or video to vividly illustrate your various events.

You can choose to have a horizontal timeline, with dates organised per year and moving from left to right. Or you may opt for a vertical timeline, with items arranged from top to bottom.

Australian Potash timeline
Australian Potash horizontal timeline