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Investors want the news. Now.

As Investors progress through their journey from stranger to advocate, they will react and take their next steps driven partly by news items. News changes the market price and the investment proposition, immediately. Additionally, how companies manage their news affects the investors' perception of them.
If investors are unsure about the next step on their journey then the news item is the opportunity to change it. Provided investors find out about the news, before it is stale.

When an investor has indicated an interest in a company, embrace them, and communicate with them, using their choice of touchpoints, immediately when there is news.
When companies have news, investors want it. Don’t leave it to accident for them to find out some time later. The company should take the responsibility of having the best chance of getting the news directly to that investor. Immediately. It’s just the right and best thing to do.
Investors will use different touchpoints and rely on different methods of being notified of news. Understand the different touchpoints, and deliver the news through as many as possible.
IRM provides an immediate news aggregation and distribution service. Aggregate all your news into IRM Newsroom, and distribute it to many touchpoints. Automatically, professionally, and immediately. But always within your complete control.  


News Sources

News for investors will come from a primary source (the company) and from third party sources, where others interpret the company news and add their own opinion. The corporate website should be the repository of all primary sourced news, not just ASX Announcements. It can also hold third party news items.

Company news should be available on the website immediately after the news is published. Be first, or you are allowing others to produce their third party versions based on incomplete information. 

IRM Newsroom provides a news aggregation service. News can come into IRM Newsroom from the ASX, from a company blog, from publishers such as Proactive Investors or Boardroom.Media, or with a manual upload. IRM is continually adding new automatic news sources.

The news comes in automatically and immediately. No news is lost or forgotten.


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News Distribution

Once under IRM Newsroom's control, a news item can be published immediately, or after an approval, in one or more of a range of chosen distribution channels. Choices can be made in a series of defaults, which can be overridden for individual news items.  You are in total control.

For ASX Announcements, the choice of defaults is based on the Announcement Type you entered when you lodged the Announcement with ASX Online. IRM Newsroom can behave differently for each type - auto publish, seek approval, ignore, and send to different distribution channels.

IRM Newsroom allows publication or any news items in any number of sections of the website, based on news type. For example, show all ASX Announcements on an ASX Announcement page, and mix them with blog posts and media coverage in a headline news box on the home page.

Distribute your news to the email alerts subscriber database maintained by IRM Newsroom, or just to a subset of it. IRM Newsroom can tweet or post it on Social Media automatically and instantly. IRM is continually adding further news distribution channels.

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