News Distribution

Default Publication Methods

Once news is received into IRM Newsroom, it is matched against the settings that control the default method of publication of that news source.

For example, if a news item is an ASX Announcement which is a quarterly report, the settings might say that the news item is to be published

  • on the headline news box on the home page of the website
  • In the list of all ASX Announcements
  • In the list of announcements on the Quarterly Reports web page,
  • distributed to the Email Alerts list, and
  • published to Twitter.

Settings vary by type of ASX Announcement. The type of Announcement is entered into ASX Online when the announcement is lodged. For blog posts, the setting can vary by the category of information applying to the post in WordPress. This setting determines its default distribution.

IRM provides a suggested set of default settings, these can be modified at any time.

Another setting for each source of news is whether IRM Newsroom is to automatically publish the news as soon as it arrives, or whether it is to send an email to the Newsroom Administrator to make a decision about publication. Alternatively, the setting can be to Ignore this type of news.

The IRM Newsroom Alert Email

When the setting requires the release of the news to be approved, IRM Newsroom sends an email to the nominated Newsroom Administrator(s). The email describes the news item, and sets out the default distribution as determined by the settings. 

The email provides for the news items to be released to its default distribution channels with the press of a single button.

Alternatively, the Newsroom Administrator can change the distribution settings for this news item (overriding the defaults) and then release the item for publication using custom settings. If there are multiple Newsroom Administrators, IRM Newsroom will act on the first set of instructions it receives.

Creating the Brief field

IRM Newsroom has a capability to show a short passage of text as a "brief" field to explain the news item a little for the investor. The brief field will show under the heading of the news item on the website, and in the Email Alert. It can also be used to elaborate on the title of the article in the social media post.

Brief fields can be added when manually releasing a news item for publication.

Multiple Website Sections

Some types of news, particularly ASX Announcements, should show in multiple places on the website.

All ASX Announcements should show on a single page of ASX Announcements. Investors are accustomed to finding such a page and know to go there to look through recent announcements. All historical announcements should be there, with a convenient archive method, by date.

However, over time, important announcements can be quickly lost to view and relegated to the archive. IRM suggests that these classes of announcements deserve their own page. Items such as Annual Reports, financial reports and others should present on multiple pages.

The most important, most recent announcements are often shown in a headline news box or ticker tape on the home page and / or the investor welcome page.

The same thinking can apply to different categories of blog posts.

Sending Email Alerts

IRM Newsroom provides the capability to design a professional Email Alert template which is used to send people on the news distribution list an email, as soon as it is released for distribution.

Re-authorising News

Once a news item has been released by IRM Newsroom, it can be modified and re-released. Of course, if an email alert has been sent or a social media post done, that can't be reversed. But the news item can be modified on the website, with changed content, or with different website sections applying.

Also, historical news can be uploaded to the website in the correct historical date sequence.

Control all your News Distribution with IRM Newsroom

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