Newsroom FAQ's


How is IRM Newsroom integrated with my existing website?

The process of integrating IRM Newsroom into your existing website is seamless. We provide various technical integration methods depending on the nature of your own website. IRM Newsroom integrates seamlessly with any website. 

With IRM Newsroom, you can view all news and announcements, as well as manage your subscriber database and more.

How does IRM Newsroom know that I have lodged an ASX Announcement through ASX Online?

Within moments of receiving your ASX lodgment confirmation email, IRM will also be notified and your Newsroom distribution process activated, including your Newsroom notification email automatically generated for you to approve the distribution process.

Can I choose which news is published where?

Yes, you have complete control of what news is published. You can set up different defaults by type, and override them for particular pieces of news. You can publish to all channels (including website, email subscribers, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn), or to selected channels. The choice is up to you.

My company doesn’t have any social media channels, can IRM help to set them up?

Yes, IRM offers Social Media set up packages to assist companies to engage with audiences through social media.

We generate a lot of news – do I have to decide what to do with every article?

IRM Newsroom gives you control over how each type of news item is managed – you can opt for automatic or manual distribution. The choice is yours. Archiving is also available.

Does IRM Newsroom keep my website news up-to-date?

Yes, a benefit of IRM Newsroom is that your website and investor email subscribers can be kept up-to date with very little effort.

Does IRM Newsroom manage all my investor email subscribers?

Yes, IRM Newsroom automatically manages all your email subscribers, as well as those who unsubscribe. You can also manage your email lists and keep separate lists for different types of announcements.

Can I view all the news items I have released and archived for later use?

Yes, IRM Newsroom provides detail on the full history of every news item received and published. You can also publish items that were archived for a later date.

But what if I don’t have an IRM or Wordpress website? Can I still get the benefits of IRM Newsroom?

Of course, we’re happy to work with your developers to provide a JSON feed that they can use to display your announcements on your website.

What does this mean? It means that you still get the great benefits of using IRM Newsroom mentioned above including the automated and immediate distribution of ASX announcements to your website, email subscribers and social media channels without needing a new website built.