Investor Journey

Consumers who are buying a product go through stages of engagement before their buy decision. Just the same, in making an investment decision, so investors take a journey.

They move from identifying their possible need through to becoming a committed long term shareholder, through a number of stages.

Their journey is personal and each is different.

Read more about the investor journey in our blog post here, or download the white paper here.

Taking the Investor Journey with Touchpoints

The movement from the current stage to the next stage of the investor journey is triggered by information and impressions, data and choices. These triggers come from a wide variety of touchpoints, both online and offline.

Read more about the touchpoints here.

Wonder about the diagrams with the floating bubbles over the images on this website? Each diagram is different. The bubbles represent the stages in the journey, the icons in them represent the touchpoints and triggers.

Don’t look for more depth than that in these images, it’s just the concept!

Notice some bubbles aren’t connected to others, showing that investors might be lost for a while. Sometimes there's a logical flow from one to the other, sometimes not. The journey is individual and can be haphazard.

Listed companies and the Investor Journey

This is the world of the investor journey.

This is the world that listed companies must address to improve their investor engagement. To help more investors learn about them, make their choices, become engaged as shareholders, and remain on the register.

Every listed company is continually marketing its product – its shares – to potential investors.

It’s a daily competition, it’s a worldwide online competition, and there are plenty of other choices for investors.

Those that do this job better and more consistently will likely achieve more interest in their stock, more competition for it, and a better share price.

The success factors to be considered are discussed in more detail here.

IRM and the Investor Journey

At IRM, we are online investor engagement specialists. We understand the investor journey and how the touchpoints work, particularly the online touchpoints.

We help listed companies with the touchpoints and message distribution.

Of course the company needs a good story and good messages. IRM helps deliver them to the touchpoints that investors are using at the time that they need to see them.

IRM has prepared a white paper on the Investor Journey. Read more about the investor journey in our blog post, or for a full discussion download the white paper, here.

IRM’s CEO, Martin Spry, contributed an article to the ASX online magazine Listed@ASX. Read our blog post and the article here.

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