Maximising progression at the early buying stages means drawing the right traffic to the website.

Many potential investors don’t even know our name. If they do, then make sure every variation of the name, ticker code, domain etc ranks at or near the top of Google search. Names of projects and senior executives should also aim to rank well. Where to bury a dead body? Page 2 of Google search.

It’s harder to attract relevant investors that don’t know you. Regularly review how people arrive, and update content to respond to their searches. What’s in their mind when searching? Measure search results, and continuously improve.

Every marketing campaign is about beating competitors. Look at how competitors rank on your keywords, and beat them.

Publish links everywhere, including industry, supplier, partner, broker and other websites, in other online media, in ASX Announcements and shareholder communications.

Here are IRM’s top three hints for being better at attracting investors:

Subject  Suggestion
Search Overall
  • Most investor sites mainly attract traffic where the visitor knows the company name, website URL or ticker code, or visitors come from a related website.
Unique and Authoritative Content
  • Provide comprehensive, unique, readable and authoritative content on the subjects that the company is expert in.
  • Most impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) actually comes from having something to say that is not readily found elsewhere in the internet, and is provided in a form and style that meets Google’s guidelines.
  • Sites can usually be improved to attract traffic from searches of other key words.
  • Develop an agreed list of keywords (other than the company name and ticker code) and use them consistently in content on many pages throughout the web site.

A full review from IRM will identify and discuss more than 10 additional aspects of how to Attract investors.