IRM DNS Hosting Plan

IRM offers a DNS Hosting Plan to manage up to five Domain Names and DNS entries to publish your site on the Internet and keep it running smoothly. Our prices include the registration and renewal fees, and people time to make sure it's always smooth.

Domain Name: Your domain name is your brand name online. It consists of words used to identify your website and is a world wide unique name.

Domain Name Registration - We’ll register your domain names (up to five per plan) on your behalf, and set up the entries that make it active. These entries connect your Domain Name with the IRM servers for web services, and with your mail services for your email.

DNS Entries - The Domain Name System (DNS) includes files of DNS entries (called "zone files") which translate your domain name into machine-friendly IP addresses and similar codes that computers use to properly direct Internet connection to your website, email servers etc. IRM's DNS hosting service includes setting up and maintaining the zone file.

Services included - The IRM DNS Hosting Plan provides the following services:

  • Registration of up to five of your domain names with the Amazon Web Services "Route 53" service on an IRM controlled account.
  • Payment of the necessary registration and renewal fees
  • Setting up the DNS entries in the zone files to point the web traffic correctly to the IRM servers and to permit IRM to send emails from your domain name
  • Setting up the DNS entries for your email service (you will need to provide us with the details of your email provider) and any other DNS entries you need set up
  • Providing support for your enquiries and making any changes needed to DNS entries
  • Hosting the DNS zone files on IRM's AWS account
  • Renewing the domain name when renewal comes around, and paying the renewal fees.

Benefits of IRM DNS hosting Plan -  We do this all the time. You get to do it maybe once every umpteen years. We get it right the first time, with no hassles. And there's no service interruptions or delays when renewals go wrong because of changed personnel at your end. Our prices include the registration and renewal fees, and whatever IRM people time is needed to make sure it's always smooth. For this complete service, you may want one simple monthly fee as part of your set of IRM Plans.

Transfer your domain to IRM? - we will arrange the transfer in, though your old provider will need to give permission. Just ask IRM support.

Add an additional Domain Name, or reserve one for future use? - you can have up to five domain names on this plan.

Want to move away from IRM? - No problem. DNS services can be transferred between suppliers. Just set up your new service any time, and IRM will authorise the transfer and cancel the Plan.

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Need help?

Our IRM Support Team are trained experts who are ready to give you assistance as quickly as possible. Chat us up on +61 2 8705 5444 or, if you’d like to discuss any of these services.